Funfest 2024

17th-21st January, 2024

All Blocks attended Funfest for the second year running.

The All Blocks logo in a W.I.P state, partially built and enhanced during Funfest (which then promptly also fell apart when we packed up at the end of the event!)

This year, we were able to have a larger display area (over twice the size compared with last year) – which felt more appropriate given the size of the overall event, and brought more attending to the display.

The total attendance for Funfest this year was 57,984! We look forward to returning again next year and participating in Funfest 2025!

About Funfest (from their website):
“Funfest Charitable Trust was formed in 2008 with the sole purpose of creating a free event for families of Auckland. 
Our focus was to bring families and communities together in a positive environment.
We’ve successfully created a fun safe place for families to enjoy every year. Thousands of families have grown up with Funfest.
Our event has grown to an audience of over 40,000 people annually from all over the country and all ages. We are the only annual Auckland summer event with free entry, free parking, free rides and free prizes.”