ASR Brickshow 2022

18th September, 2022

This year’s brickshow at ASR was part of the celebrations of the 175th anniversary of Howick Village.


  • Train layout with running trains, City and Creator
  • Guinness World Record train and certificate
  • Selection of vintage Technic sets from 80s and 90s
  • Newer Technic sets
  • French countryside scene
  • Vintage Town sets from the 70s
  • Various pop culture MOCs
  • Star Wars sets and MOCs, old and new
  • Friends theme park
  • Treehouse

Toyworld Botany

Toyworld Botany had a pop-up shop at our show, but they also generously provided two sets for a raffle – a big thank you to them for that!

If you are local, please support them – store details can be found here


Bricks4Kids also ran a workshop throughout the day, with their STEAM education programme.

More details about them can be found here