October – Newsletter

Hi All,

This is a catchup on quite a bit of activity over the last week.

Due to conflicting dates and unavailability of members the proposed show for 2 (or 9) December has been cancelled.

The good news is there is an opportunity for All Blocks members to participate in an existing model railway show coming up in mid-November, see details below!

Next Meeting

The next All Blocks meeting is scheduled for Thursday October 11. It can be either at Toyworld Henderson or Vaughan Blok’s place in Penrose. You choose.

If it was at Toyworld then the formal meeting time would be from 6:30 to 7. The time at Vaughan’s could be open to negotiation but would be 7pm or thereabouts.

Toyworld have offered to have LEGO discounted for members during the meeting if it is held at their premises.

There is a poll at the All Blocks – Members Only Facebook Group, but some members are not part of that group yet. They can add their preferred option in a Google Form. Please place your option on one poll only.

The link to the Google Form poll can be found here.

I will review the results on Tuesday night (2 Oct) and send out a notification on Tuesday or Wednesday of the preferred venue.

I followed up on a lead that started at our Helensville Primary School show. I was approached by a member of the Helensville Model Railway Club during the primary school show.

Christine and I went out the Helensville last weekend and met up with several members of the train club.

Out West Model Train Show

There is a model train exhibition hosted by Auckland Märklin Club over the weekend of 17/18 November.

This is a train enthusiasts exhibition and they are keen to have a LEGO train presence at this show. You can see the exhibition advertised at these links:

I have already discussed a tentative plan for All Blocks LUG providing a LEGO train exhibit at this model train exhibition and there is sufficient interest for All Blocks to have a LEGO display at this show.

There is an opportunity for members to also take part in this collaboration.

32×32 baseplate building competition

As part of my intention of having a universal train display format based on 3×6 or 3×3 standard baseplates, I have developed a prototype and will have it available at the next meeting on 11 Oct.

If you can imagine a concept where the outer 32×32 baseplate being the location of two train tracks, the middle 32×32 baseplate being roading and the inner 32×32 baseplate is for display models – this is where you come in.

I would like to have a building competition, for All Blocks members only, where the entry is an original build that sits on any 32×32 baseplate. The only rule is that the build cannot extend outside the 32×32 stud footprint. It can be as high as you like.

It must be an original design and not use existing LEGO models as source.

All entries would be on display during the weekend of 17/18 November at the Out West Model Train Show.

I would like to discuss this proposal during the meeting to see if there is any interest. There are no rules yet but I was thinking of something along the lines of two prizes:

  1. A prize for the best design, judged by a panel who have not entered, and
  2. A prize drawn out of a hat for all the other entries that excludes the winner (above).

The prizes have not been set yet either.

This is an opportunity for those members who have smaller LEGO collections to help in a collaborative exhibit.

The venue of the Out West Model Train Show

Te Atatu Peninsula Community Centre, 595 Te Atatu Road, West Auckland.

Ongoing planning

Ongoing I want everyone to consider the following plan:

  • Hosting BBQ type social gathering at my place (or some other venue) mid December to celebrate the first year of All Blocks, and
  • Set a robust plan for 2019.

Let me know your thoughts.


David Wardle