All Blocks newsletter – Next meeting

Items on the agenda

  • Next meeting
  • Woodlands Park School Brick Show
  • Toyworld West Auckland – member discounts

1:  Next All Blocks LUG Meeting

The next All Blocks LEGO User Group meeting will be held at Toyworld West Auckland in their Henderson store at 56 Railside Avenue, next Sunday 10 March from 5:30pm.

The store will remain open until 6:30pm.

During the meeting, there will be 20% off all LEGO including limited edition sets.

Toyworld West Auckland, Henderson

Toyworld Henderson

2. Woodlands Park School Brick Show

Planning is well underway for the next All Blocks LUG Show which will be held at Woodlands Park School, Titirangi, on Sunday 7th April. Developing the show at Woodlands Park School will form the basis of the agenda.

The school is really excited about the prospect of hosting a LEGO show. They are talking about a few things they are raising money for and they will soon be constructing a big red fundraising thermometer on the school gate.

This is the same venue where All Blocks were considering holding a brick show late last year that never eventuated.

There are several reasons why this venue will work

  • The school has an established LEGO Club.
  • The date is just a few days before the general release of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.
  • Titirangi is centrally located within Toyworld West Auckland’s three stores. There could be a chance of Toyworld having a small store during the show.
  • The majority of All Blocks members live out west.

Please fill out this form if you can help exhibit at this show.

The school has given All Blocks the green-light for the Sunday 7th April with access to the hall on the Saturday 6th April for setup.

The hall itself is right next to the carpark and has a very easy load-in including a ramp.

The hall is comparable in size to the one used for Helensville Primary School’s fundraiser, last year.

It would be great to catch up with as many All Blocks members next Sunday, particularly those people who are willing to support our next show.

3: Toyworld West Auckland – member discounts

Toyworld West Auckland offers discounted LEGO to members of All Blocks LEGO User Group.

The benefits are usually 20% off all LEGO including Limited Editions. This deal is often equal to, or better than, what is offered by other toy stores in the region.

These benefits can be redeemed at any of Toyworld West Auckland’s three stores provided you have one of their discount cards.

Please fill out this form if you would like to receive a Toyworld West Auckland discount card.

I would like to collate discount card applications and forward them to Amit at Toyworld on Friday, 8 March so he can prepare the cards for Sunday’s meeting.

Periodically through the year, All Blocks meetings have been held in Toyworld West Auckland’s Henderson store. I encourage our members to utilise the member benefits offered by Toyworld so that we continue to have an ongoing strong relationship.

See you on Sunday,

David Wardle