Helensville Primary School – Ordering All Blocks shirts and name bricks

With the Helensville Primary School – Fund Raising Event – less than four weeks away, I would like to get on with ordering shirts and name bricks.

I want to have your shirt and name brick orders in by Sunday evening, 29 July.


I have had an All Blocks black polo-shirt made for me at Logo World in St Lukes mall. They have the All Blocks logo file uploaded to their machine.

You can order either a polo or T shirt and the colours are either black or blue.

The unit prices of having these shirts made reduces if we order more shirts.

Please indicate your preferred style, colour and size on the form linked below.

Name Bricks

Name Bricks consists of three 1×8 LEGO bricks: two black bricks with the All Blocks distinctive font and LEGO User Group printed on them and one blue brick with your name on it.

You can have anything you like as the name; some people have just their first name, others have their full name while some people use their LEGO nick-name.

People may have already ordered name bricks for the cancelled Auckland Museum show. These are ready for distribution.

If you haven’t ordered name badges, or can’t remember whether you did place an order earlier, please order your name bricks.

I will check through the existing stock to see whether your name badge has already been made.

Display sheet

This link to the Google Sheet is where you can indicate what you would like to display. It does not matter whether your display is large or small – we will do our best to fit your models in.

Please fill in the form so we can start planning the floor layout

Here is the blank school hall floor plan.

Google Form to order shirts and name badges

This link to the Google Form is where you can put your information for shirt sizes, colours and quantities as well as your name information.

There is space at the end of the form to add anything extra that we need to know about this order.



David Wardle