December LEGO show commitments

Earlier today I suggested a date for a proposed All Blocks LUG show in West Auckland. The date suggested was Sunday 2 December.

AuckLUG is exhibiting at MOTAT on 1 and 2 December so this date clashes with that event.

There has been some interesting discussion on the All Blocks – Members Only Facebook Group and I attempted to get the feel from the members regarding this proposed show date. A poll was created but two additional options were added that altered the emphasis of what the poll was set up to achieve.

I would like to think that All Blocks always functions in an inclusive and supportive way. That was the principle emphasis of the feedback received following the first All Blocks show held at Helensville Primary School.

All the ducks in a row

Should All Blocks LUG hold one more successful show by the end of the year, this will be the last duck in a long row necessary for the LUG to be considered for Recognised LUG (RLUG) status.

An application for RLUG status is currently being prepared that will be submitted to the LEGO Group early next year. All Blocks LUG has fulfilled all the necessary criteria and has supporting evidence to achieve RLUG status – except holding this one last show.

The date options

The proposed venue is very flexible on which date we could hold the show and another date could be considered.

2 Dec – this is early in the month and things get busy later in December.

Holding two shows during the same weekend is not the end of the world. The big Auckland show used to be held during the same long-weekend as the Armageddon convention.

The Koiha School show was held while The Brickman show was running at Auckland Museum.

People may want to visit both events on the same weekend.

There is mutual LEGO show exposure for the same weekend.

One show would be a community fundraiser in West Auckland. The other show is part of a larger museum experience in a more centrally based location.

9 Dec – This would free up people -who are members of both LUGs – who want to exhibit at both shows.

It would be a date that does not clash with an existing, promulgated LEGO event.

This would be after two LEGO shows: the ABS and the MOTAT show.

The location

The show location is central between New Lynn and Henderson.

This is the centre of the All Blocks member base. It is also central between two of three Toyworld Henderson’s stores. We could benefit from extensive advertising support from Toyworld Henderson.

Toyworld Henderson may be able to have a store as part of the show.

An anonymous poll has been created to gauge the feeling about this event proposal. You can add your name – but that is optional.

There is also space to add any additional information at the end of the poll.

Here is the link to the poll.

Thank you,


David Wardle

President – All Blocks LEGO User Group